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The Incentives your House Buyers want

Your customer has just bought a new house, what’s the first thing they want to do? Decorate it and fill it with new furniture! Unfortunately, they can’t as they’ve just stretched themselves to the limit on their dream house. It’s going to be beans on toast for the next 5 years… or is it?

Imagine being able to offer your house buyer £1000 (or more!) to spend on new furnishings for their new home without it costing you £1000. How about an option to have a pre-designed furnished room?

At Green Lighting we have supported house builders for two decades to deliver quality products that are also cost effective. We recognise what your customer’s want and that is why we have purpose designed incentives that sell plots and sites.

These are just a few of the incentives that Green Lighting and (our sister brand) provide. We guarantee they will make your house buyers love you! Contact us today to discover how you can benefit from partnering with us: [email protected]