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LED Lighting

Barratt unveils new zero-carbon home

The Z House is a unique zero carbon concept home that showcases the future of sustainable living in the UK, a project that Green Lighting has proudly been a part of, by supplying our 316 Stainless Steel Contemporary Lantern and Pro800 Downlights. The Z House, built on the University of Salford’s main campus, is the

Hammering Down Build Costs

Hammering down build costs

As we enter tougher times, following Brexit and the ongoing global pandemic, house builders are looking to reduce build costs and take the pressure off sales budgets. One way to do this is by specifying products via suppliers who can offer a complete deal. This streamlined route to market has proven to reduce build costs

Why Go LED?

The humble light bulb has been lighting our homes since the 1800s and over these hundred plus years, the biggest lighting breakthrough is without question the LED. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes for the curious) are durable, contain no toxins and last much, much longer than their incandescent bulb counterparts. An LED bulb will give you

Space and Security Lighting goes Coastal

When it comes to external lighting for a front door you’re definitely getting great value for money by investing in a P-Lux LED Lantern. This front door lantern range provides both space and security that will last 50,000 hours and costs just £2 a year to run. Made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, the

Downlights: your guide to making the right choice

We live in the UK where, apart from a few summer months of extended light and (if we’re lucky) sunshine, it’s predominantly dark. LED downlights are fundamental to enhancing lighting in a home and are popular in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. If you are looking for optimum output, you would think that the more

Benefits of Solar Lighting

EASY INSTALLSolar lighting is a brilliant option for anyone who wants to install lighting in areas without access to an electrical grid, or remote places where a mains power supply is unreliable. Installing mains powered lighting can be time-consuming and costly whereas solar lighting can be stand-alone devices with their own solar panel, battery, and

LED Bulbs Are Cutting Carbon Emissions

LED Filament Lamps

LED lighting works in a different way from incandescent or CFL bulbs and has been a long time in development. There are numerous examples and case studies for businesses that have swapped to LED lighting and, across the board, the results are the same: significant and long-term savings are made on electricity bills. There is