When it comes to external lighting for a front door you’re definitely getting great value for money by investing in a P-Lux LED Lantern.

This front door lantern range provides both space and security that will last 50,000 hours and costs just £2 a year to run. Made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, the P-Lux is a quality product…however, we do live on an island! If you live by the coast and don’t take regular care to clean your light fittings, they will eventually begin to corrode.

That’s why at Green Lighting we have added a Coastal Lantern to our award winning P-LUX range. This latest addition is fully polycarbonate and operates with the same 2 light level patented technology as the original product. With its PIR sensor, the lantern enters activated mode once movement is detected, then dims down to standby mode when no movement is detected, enabling you to still have light when you need it.

This sleek new Coastal Lantern comes in 2 colours (black and grey), with a new Keyfinder feature and hasn’t an ounce of metal, making it ideal if you live by the sea. It also has a hidden secret – the backplate on the Coastal Lantern features a spirit level inside, ensuring perfect installation and an easy fitting experience.

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