High-efficiency 12V LED G4 Silicon capsule lamp for display and accent light fixtures. Featuring a miniature design that closely resembles the shape and size of a halogen G4*, making the lamp idea for direct retrofit into existing fittings.

6,000-hour life. Indoor use only.

Colour Temp available 2700K – Warm White and 4000K – Cool White.


Free Delivery on orders over £50 within Great Britain.

Please be aware there is a 3-5 day lead time on backorders for this item.

*Crompton 12V LED G4 lamps will operate in most 12V transformers. However, some of these transformers may have a minimum required load which may not be met when installing low powered LEDs; these transformers may cause flickering or the LEDs not to function correctly. If in doubt we can supply a suitable LED driver (Part No: GL-LEDDRIVER10W) which is guaranteed to drive 2x 2W LED G4.