Benefits of Solar Lighting

Easy Installation

Solar Lighting is a brilliant option for anyone who wants to install lighting in areas without access to an electrical grid, or remote places where a mains power supply is unreliable. Installing lighting can be time-consuming and costly whereas Solar Lighting can be stand-alone devices with their own solar panel, battery, and bulb all in one. This means they can be moved to different locations if required.

Solar Lighting is popular in gardens, as you don’t need an electrician to install it and there isn’t the need to hide wires.


The good news is that there are no energy bills when it comes to Solar Energy, the only fee involved is the upfront cost of buying the lighting, whether that be for a small lamp in your garden, or solar panels on your business roof.

A Green Alternative

Standard lighting requires non-renewable energy sources including CO2 generating coal or oil, and has been used throughout the world for many years causing a massive impact on the environment.

Solar Lighting is the opposite of this, using the suns energy during the day to power itself at night-time, reducing your carbon footprint.

Intelligent Solar LED Floodlight

The Intelligent Solar LED Floodlight is perfect for use in areas where a mains power supply is unavailable or unstable. Ideal for lighting pathways, trails and driveways.

It is also a great option for perimeter security with it’s PIR sensor which will activate the light when it senses movement.

The Intelligent Solar LED Floodlight is available from £49.98, for more information click here.